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An Iowa native, Sweeney grew up on a family farm near Buckeye. After graduating from college, Sweeney educated middle school students as a teacher of English and speech. Upon her father’s untimely death in 1983, Sweeney moved back home to Buckeye to take over the family farm with her mother and sister. Annette and her husband Dave still operate the farm today.

Sweeney has deep connections to Iowa’s agriculture community. During her time as a State Representative, Sweeney served as chair of the Iowa House Agriculture Committee. Most recently, she served as Iowa Rural Development Director for the United States Department of Agriculture.

Sweeney has served in numerous professional and community leadership positions with various organizations, including the Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance, Iowa Women in Agriculture, Hardin County Assessor Board and Review, Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, Iowa Soybean Association, Iowa Corn Growers Association, Iowa Cattlemen’s Association, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Iowa 4-H, Iowa Angus Association, and Congressman Tom Latham’s Ag Advisory Task Force.


Standing Strong For Rural Iowa

Annette Sweeney grew up on a family farm near Buckeye and returned to help run the farm after she lost her father. Annette and her husband, Dave, still operate the family farm today. Annette also served as Iowa Rural Development Director for the USDA. In the Iowa Senate, Annette will use her farming experience to help revitalize Iowa’s farming community by expanding agriculture partnerships, improving vital infrastructure, and cutting needless red-tape

Expanding Opportunities For Students

A former middle school English and Speech teacher, Annette Sweeney knows that strong schools are essential to our children’s future. Annette will restore local control by empowering parents and teachers. Annette will help ensure our students graduate with the skills they need by expanding vocational, technical, and trade-specific instruction opportunities in Iowa’s high schools.

Reducing Our Tax Burden

Iowa’s tax code is one of the most complicated and costly in the nation. Annette Sweeney knows that high taxes hurt small businesses, working families, and farmers the hardest. Annette will work to help Iowa families keep more of the money they earn by simplifying Iowa’s tax code and reducing the tax burden on working families and small businesses.


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